To cure cancer, solve global warming or send a person beyond the solar system confines, will take the best of our talent, energies and skills. This endeavor is not one that we are willing to postpone, but rather one that we embrace and promote. It will serve to advance humankind. And the first step of this process is to discover our talent and enable them. This is why education matters, this is why admission is paramount.


  • GPA is not uniform and varies from a teacher to another from a school to another and thus is not a comparative metric
  • Recommednation letters should all be good if written by ethical teachers. So they cannot be a metric
  • Essays only reflect the writing skills of a student (and often their entourage). They are a serious disadvantage for those with strength in Math and Science. Most importantly, assessing an essay is subjective and tainted by the reader's bias
  • Finally, admission should not be focused on past performance, but rather on future potential


  • Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Imagination stimulates progress, giving birth to evolution

  • Change the culture: Do not penallize failure, as it is the source of learning and innovation
  • Modify curriculums to allow different and differentiated learning
  • Focus on inspiration and innovation, not knowledge


  • Scores are only given on subjects that are objectively quantifiable
  • This is not to say that other subjects are not taught. They are simply not scored
  • All grades should be on a curve. The grade in itself is irreevant, its relative aspect is the only thing that matters
  • Be transaparent. Everyone needs to know where they stand
  • Tests should all be open books. It is not about knowledge (that's available at your fingertips). You are teaching a mind how to think and hopefully inspre them to innovate 

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This site contains quote extracts from Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and John F. Kennedy

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